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About Us

      How we started...

 was formed as a result of our growing concern that everyday people were being forced out of their homes. These were good, responsible people who deserved the right to stay in their homes. We were concerned about the economic climate and the rapidly slumping real estate market. We sat and thought about how we could band together and use our resources to help one another. We figured that if we could create a vehicle to bring people together and share, we could facilitate multiple lines of assistance. The "band" was created! This would be the US citizens' stimulus package - a program created and funded by us that goes directly to us!

      Where we are now...

          We have now moved to more toward being a portal for all things relevant involving everday life. We have assembled ateam to find information on all things; Savings, Specials, Current events, and important information for home life, family life and eveday living. We have become a regular stop for regular people to stop by and find deals, steals and other savings and data.

      What we are still doing...

           The $20 band entry is still here! See how it works....  After every 3000th band was sold, we will draw a winner out of that particular bucket of participants and pay their rent or mortgage for one year (12 months) (as long as it didn't exceed $2,500 monthly) see official rules for all qualifications.

         So come join us as we,  help each other get back on track!

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